Whisk Wiper – Wipe Your Whisk Without The Mess

The Whisk Wiper is the perfect companion for your kitchen whisk as it well it scrape, clean and preserve your whisk and food. It’s very easily attachable to any whisk and it will also do a great job keeping food off your counter.

This attachment fits on your whisk like a glove. Simply align your whisk with the Whisk Wiper and push it through, you are now ready to start using your Whisk Wiper.

The Whisk Wiper has three main functions

The Whisk Wiper has three great reasons why you should buy it, at first, most people think all it does is scrape your whisk clean, but that’s not the case. It can hold your whisk above the counter to avoid a messy counter top and it can also be used as rest when in your bowl.

  1. Wipe a whisk and bowl in seconds
  2. Save the recipe: return all that food to the bowl
  3. Keep your counter clean: Whisk Wiper lifts the loops and catches drips

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The Whisk Wiper is perfect for people who bake or cook a lot

This makes a perfect gift for anyone who bakes or cooks a lot because it really does help in their daily process. It’s definitely affordable and can last a life time!

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