Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker – The Best Sip of Coffee You’ll Ever Have

The Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker is the biggest innovation to happen to coffee in a long time.  Tim Wendleboe, a world champion Barista, designed this starte-of-the-art coffee brewer.

It’s has a very sleek and elegant look because of the stainless steel design.  The material it’s made out of is top notice and definitely feels that way.


The science behind the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker quickly brews a flawless cup of coffee that meets the Golden Cup standard.  It was designed for very precise temperature and water control to produce the most flavorful results.

It uses pressure from the water that is drawn from the tank.  It infuses the water with the coffee and makes an amazing balanced combination.

wilfa precision coffee maker white
wilfa precision coffee maker featured

Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker redefines drip coffee as we know it

Coffee drip used to be a slow boring process where you’d have to wait for coffee to slowly drip into your pot.  It also wasn’t convenient enough so people invented Keurig and Nespresso.

Wilfa has created an amazing machine and they have been known to make other coffee gadgets as well.   Wilfa’s brand only uses the best material and when they are in conjunction with Tim Wendleboe, you know its bound to be a good product.
wilfa precision coffee maker material



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