Cora Ball – Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball

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The Cora Ball is an excellent invention for making your washing machine much cleaner.  Most people don’t know how much dust, hair and lint collect inside our machine while we’re washing it.

The step to better and cleaner clothes is to use this Cora Ball to collect all of the unwanted debris in your washing machine.  It is so easy and simple to use, anyone can do it with the laundry.

cora ball colors

The Cora Ball collects dust, hair and unwanted particles like a magnet

Water flows through these microfiber laundry balls and collects all the unwanted particles.  It swooshes around in the washing machine the entire time and collects a lot more than you think.

After collecting all the mess into a pile, the demo shows just how gross your washer could be if you didn’t have the Cora Ball.  It truly gets a lot junk that you wouldn’t normally get if you did not have it.

cora ball mess
cora ball lint

Cora Ball is so easy to use, anyone with a brain can make it work

It’s very simple, toss it in your washer just like you would a piece of clothing.  Wash it with your clothes and that’s it, there’s no extra steps or configurations.

cora ball how it works

cora ball in the wash 3
cora ball in the wash

Using the Cora Ball we are also saving the environment which is a huge thing.  These loose dust particles and hair get flushed down with our sewage and let back into the ocean.

The small particles that float around the water kill fish and other marine wild life.  With a simple invention like this we can keep our clothes cleaner and our environment which is a huge plus.

cora ball microfiber problem


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