ClimbStation: Climbing Made Fun with Technology

Climbing enthusiasts will have a better time with the ClimbStation. For those who are already in love with technology, it would be good to know that there is also a technology available for climbers. If you are looking for a good way to enjoy life as you climb, you can do so with the technology that this one has to offer. 

Read on below to find out more about the product that is taking the climbing world by storm. This one is the best gift for climbers in a millenia.

A Great Climb With the ClimbStation

The product comes with reliable features that one would enjoy. 

  • It has a 150 cm wide and 6.4 meters long climbing surface so you will not feel deprived of space while you climb. 
  • It is also made of stainless steel and you can be sure that you will have a good experience with the customization of the product. You can place the design that you want so you can be sure that it is worth it.
  • The user interface is advanced. You will see and experience technology at the highest possible level. 
  • The product, for good use, needs a 200 cm by 400 cm floor space and 3.5 meters ceiling height so you can increase the amazing experience that comes with climbing.
  • In terms of the power requirement, you should use 24 to 30 volts. 
  • There is also a ClimbStation K.E.R.S engine that comes with the product. It has advanced speed control and smooth acceleration
  • It has great handhold thread positions that makes the rubber surface protected.
  • The climbing radius is at +15° – -45° degrees.
  • The total product weight is 750 kg.

It offers fast and easy transportation and set up is a breeze.

You can use this product for many occasions. You can entertain guests at a party. The product can also help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. It is absolutely marvelous to see and witness so you know that it is worth it.

Go For A New Way To Climb


The best part of any new technology is how it can make things better for the user. With the user in mind, this amazing product is absolutely something to love and adore. Get this gift for everyone and you will have more value for your money. 


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