Gray Fox Helmet CAD Print

Both The Elder Scrolls and Metal Gear series play host to a character named Gray Fox, but only the latter series has the character donning a sleek robotic helmet. The Gray Fox from Metal Gear is a formidable sword-wielding mercenary who fights Snake on multiple occasions, and his sleek-looking helm has garnered Frank ‘Gray Fox’  Jaeger a fair share of fans.

Fully Functional Helmet with Lights and Automatic Open and Close Function

The Helmet can be open and close by a single push of a bottom of the chin part. The motorized helmet is equipped with seven LED boards, a USB charger, and an Adafruit Trinket to drive the NeoPixels and a few servos.

Gray Fox Helmet

Beautiful Finish and the Most Advance Cosplay Prop

The fully-functional prop consists of 12 3D-printed parts, which were later painted and sanded to an almost mirror finish, along with plenty of silicone. The replica helmet certainly looks the part, but the fact that a chin switch allows the user to control when the helmet opens up brings this piece of cosplay straight to the top tier of fan-made content.

Gray Fox Helmet


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