Real Lightsaber – WonderForce: The Hitoren

WonderForce has created a real lightsaber that can actually battle with your friends and also hit anything with a excessive amount of force.  The lightsaber is made entirely out of strong metal so hitting it against something hard is completely ok.

Lightsabers from star wars are always fun, but you can never use them to battle your friend or to really try to make a dent in a tree.  They are usually plastic and easily breakable, but this lightsaber is built differently:

Real Lightsabers aren’t a super powerful laser coming out, it’s something that can be durable enough to play with

Playing with you’re friends is key.  Having zero worry if the lightsaber will get damaged or not makes it more fun to go hard.  The material used to make this lightsaber is extremely strong and durable.

The lights are also stunning and are extremely bright.  Charging it is no problem and the battery can last for quite a while:

Real Lightsaber Charging

Plenty of colors to choose from these real lightsabers

Color was never an issue when it came to LED products, so why should it be an issue with real light sabers.  The colors are endless for these, but there are definitely ones that resembled the Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s light saber

The green lightsaber comes with a black shaft and has a heavy alloy feel to it.  The button activates the saber and you’re ready to battle:

Wonderforce Real Lightsaber Green

Red lightsabers has a red handle and also is made out of the same material the green one is.  Both have an amazing color intensity that makes it extremely bright when you draw it.

Wonderforce Real Lightsaber Red

The WonderForce lightsaber is one of the must heavy and durable lightsabers on the market and more and more geeks are finding this product amazing to make videos out of or just have fun battling their friends.  Grab one of these on Kickstarter today and enjoy a lightsaber worth fighting for and with.


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