The Beer Pong Golf Set is the newest way to play beer pong with an added twist of using golf clubs and golf balls.  It’s a super fun way to play the most famous college game in the world.

The Beer Pong Golf Set is the most fun you’ll have at your next outdoor party

This fun new drinking game adds a super fun twist on the most popular drinking game in college.  Use a golf club and balls to shoot your ball into a red cup and create endless memories and bragging rights.

When playing this game, you’ll have the option to change your team plaque that could signify your favorite college team.  After someone makes a ball, it’s time for the opposing team to drink that made cup and cover the empty hole with a coaster.

With Beer Pong Golf, you’ll never have to worry about dirty balls

With this set, they have a larger cup that props up the red cup, letting your drink stay dirt free beneath it.  Don’t worry about dirty balls because you’ll be shooting it into an empty cup that has the drink below it.

This will make the game perfect for anyone who is worried about germs or dirt getting into your drink.  You’ll always be drinking fresh beer.




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