Best Espresso Machine Pound For Pound – MiniPresso GR

MiniPresso GR is the first mini Espresso Machine, but it’s all the best espresso Machine pound for pound.  This is the perfect gadget for drinking espresso on-the-go anywhere.

It’s about the size of a large energy drink from the gas station, but gives you something so much healthier and better.  Not only is the gadget nifty, it also makes a pretty good cup of espresso.

It really is the best espresso machine pound for pound.

The MiniPresso GR Espresso Machine was built for travel and outdoor activities.  The overall weight is only 0.8 LBS / 360 Grams and it’s overall length is 6.89 IN / 175MM.

It extracts from the beans at 116 psi which is the same pressure as the traditional piston-drive espresso machines.  It also doesn’t take much effort to pump this machine, even senior citizens should not have a problem.

MiniPresso Best Espresso Maker Close Up


Using the best espresso machine

Set up is extremely easy.  Scoop the ground espresso beans into the scoop and then load hot water into the water tank.  The water tank keeps water hot for a few hours.

Start pressing the pump and watch the espresso squirt out into your cup.  Your cup is now full of hot amazing espresso that tastes just as good as a coffee shop.  It even has a bit of foam to give it an authentic taste and feel.

MiniPresso Best Espresso Machine Spread

One of the greatest things is that this devices uses absolutely no batteries or electric power.  It can literally make espresso anywhere with some hot water and espresso grounds.

Camping and traveling just got a lot more fancy with the perfect espresso mini machine.  If you’re a coffee or espresso fanatic, this devices is for you.

Being told about a product is always frustrating, especially when it comes to really cool gift ideas.  Here is the original video:

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