Best Heating Pad Ever – HEAT-O: Wearable Modular Heating System

Heat-O is a wearable modular heating system key to maintaining optimal body temperature in the cold environment.


Heat-O is the Best heating pad ever made.  It’s perfect for keeping your entire body warm using heating pads and a battery pack.

It fits underneath your clothes to provide heat to all parts of your body.  It’s the perfect device to battle harsh climates or simply wear while snowboarding/skiing.

How does the best heating pad ever work?

It comes with heating pads, a battery pack, a charger and a remote.  Each piece plays a vital role in bringing you instant heat.

The remote is bluetooth enabled and completely wireless which helps keep things simple.  The strap is adjustable which makes it work for any wrist size.

best heating pad ever breakdown heat-o

The heating pads can be placed over your neck like a harness and the two individual heating pads can be placed wherever you prefer.  They fit snugly in any clothing, here’s an example with it fitted into a jacket.

The heating pads tighten on your body, comfortably, and they don’t move out of place.

heated jacket heat-o best heating pad ever

After the heating pads are strapped on, the user can adjust the heat with either the O-Remote or their mobile smart device.  He or she can also set the pads specifically so each pad can vary in temperature.

Controlling all sections of Heat-O really gives the best heating pad a whole new level of modularity.  Making toes warmer  and hands cooler is completely possible with these.

Producing the best heating pad ever has it’s challenges

Kickstarter gave it it’s first initial spark into the crowdfunding world.

Check out the original campaign video to get a better feel of the entire product:


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