Perform superhuman feats with tremendous ease by strapping on a pair of bionic boots. Once you put on these high tech boots, your physical capacity greatly increases by allowing you to travel at accelerated speeds with maximum agility and efficiency.

Run Like an Animal With the Bionic Boot

Described as the transportation fitness device of the future, the Bionic Boot was designed to mimic the gait of an ostrich. It allows a person to run at speeds exceeding 25 MPH with the hope to one day top the speed of their feathery inspiration and outrun some of Earth’s fastest land animals.

Bionic Boot

Special Engineered Device Inspired by Animal

The Bionic Boot is made of top grade aluminum (the same as used on aircrafts) along with titanium and carbon fiber. These boots are designed emulating the Achilles tendons of the ostrich and kangaroo. So instead of the usual heels you see on your regular boots, you get springs that augment your running and even walking speed (cruising speed is about 15 mph). This boots (literally) add a spring to your step, increasing your force and speed.

The Bionic Boot also works on any obstacle and can be used on almost any surface including loose soil. Catapult into the air with each stride, as a human-powered exoskeleton, straight out of a sci-fi novel, takes you into flight.

Bionic Boot

Bionic Boot as a Future Personal Daily Transport!

Initially, these boots appeal to the extreme sports lovers, but with all the craziness on the road today, might as well get one for your daily trips.

In other words, instead of lacing up your Nikes the next time you have to grab a few groceries at the nearby store, stride in this Bionic Boot instead. It will even help you reach the topmost shelf without the help of a ladder.

If your office or school is nearby, using the Bionic Boot is more viable than your bike. You can avoid traffic jam better because you can go through any humanly passable street plus you don’t have to worry about locking them up outside the way you secure your bike. It is also good for your health because you walk, run, and jump.

Bionic Boot

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