How many of us saw many passengers struggling with their longboard on the bus, school and at coffee shops. Nowadays, longboards were used daily as people rode it to work, to school and around town. But once they arrived to where their destination, there were few places to store it!

BoardUp is the world’s first patented self-folding longboard, requiring no hands to fold. It’s easy to fit in your backpack or locker, an airplane compartment, or by your desk. Now, you can longboard anywhere in the world with ease.

Easy Fold Up with BoardUp

BoardUp can easily be fold hands-free. Using the aluminum alloy kickpad, it triggers the middle hinge to fold in half. It only folds when the kick release pad on the nose of the board is engaged and stay locked while riding with its patented self-locking hinge.

BoardUp is made with 34″ Canadian maple wood deck + glass fiber built for control but retains flex. It can hold rider’s weight up to 400 pounds.


Sturdy Enough for All Types of Riding.

When it comes to riding, keeping that familiar feel is important. More than that, having a longboard made with quality materials creates a feeling of security when bombing down neighborhood hills, stairs and cruising on the streets.

To maximize your cruising experience, the hinge and latch mechanisms are made out of aluminum alloy. This allows you to go on long rides with ease and enough strength for taking on what city sidewalks and curbs have to throw at it. BoardUp has you protected from start to finish.


Fits easily in your backpack and locker.

Say goodbye to extra straps to secure your longboard to a backpack and oversized longboard backpacks. BoardUp fits within any standard backpack for on-the-go fun!

Remember when people tripped over your longboard or you saw people tripping over other longboards in public? We do, too. Take BoardUp into your favorite café with ease. Since you don’t have to hold it fully open against your side while waiting in line. It also enables you to stay clean since no debris, grass or soil will ever touch your clothes.

Take the shudders out of your life with a longboard that stands independently by your side on the bus, train, at work, or in class. Since BoardUp stands independently, you won’t have to worry about accidentally tripping that girl or guy you have a crush on. It can be easily secure beside you without worrying that someone might accidentally step on it.



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