Body Boarding Inflatable Sumo Surfing Suit

Body boarding has never seen a surfing suit like this before.  The Inflatable Sumo Surfing Suit is one of the most ingenious inventions for beach fun that has ever been created.

Customers have found the structure to be extremely easy to inflate.  They have also found that this body boarding suit servers as one of the funnest and safest beach toy on the market. Most methods of inflating the suit have been by either blowing it up or using an automatic air inflation machine.

Most customers find blowing it up manually by themselves was an extremely easy task.  Even if they decided to waste their breath on blowing it up, it really doesn’t take much effort.

Body Boarding Surf Tube Sportsstuff

The design is beautifully crafted.  It boasts an amazing ribbed design that makes it easy for people to steer in big waves and stronger current.  Gliding like a cloud on water is natural when one realizes how light weight and dynamic the shape of this suit really is.  It’s really more compact then you think.

Don’t think for a second it’s just for the beach! It was definitely made for rivers and lakes as well.  Of course people who are heavily into water sports enjoy tubing and water skiing as well.  It’s an extremely similar to such experience because of the fact that it’s pretty much made for being pulled by a boat.

Body Boarding Inflatable Sumo Surfing Suit Boat Pulling

Body Boarding Inflatable Sumo Surfing Suit Waves

The amount of fun and joy customers have will bring an unmatched level of fun to most water sport activities.  It hangs on to the user and not the boat.  The boat and the rider getting separated is no longer an issue because if separation occurs, the rider is still safely floating on the water like a giant sumo wrestler.

Here are some more specs that have helped customers better understand the product:

  • Patented Speed Safety Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation
  • Heavy-Gauge PVC Construction with Heat Sealed Seams, single Chamber Design
  • Heavy-Duty Ski Rope with Handle
  • Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover, 6 Double-Webbing Foam Handles and 2 EVA Foam Knuckle Pads
  • Sleek Splash-Deflecting Design that keeps the spray out of your face

Still not completely sold?  Some customers who really tried this out and made a youtube video on it:

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