Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use suction pump that quickly and effectively removes the poison beneath the skin’s surface to immediately stop the pain and itch from insect bites and stings. This ancient medical extraction technique is clinically proven and kid friendly.

The small, reusable pump conveniently stows in a pocket, first aid kit or travel bag. It works on a wide range of bites including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fire ants and biting flies.

No Needles, No Creams, No Chemicals, No Batteries – Just Suction!

The Bug Bite Thing provides a safe, all natural alternative to insect bite relief using specially designed suction pump. Extraction method is proven to be highly effective, but also a solution to get real relief.

Bug Bite Thing quickly extracts insect poison or itchy compunds from under the skin and eliminates the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with bug bites and bee/wasp stings. When you remove the irritant, the body stops producing the reaction that is causing you to itch and swell. Unlike topical creams and ointments, you eliminate the problem, not mask it. Bug Bite Thing is clinically proven, kid friendly and works on a wide range of bites and stings including; mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, fleas, no-see-ums, ants, chiggers, sea lice & more.

Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing is Compact, Lightweight, Reusable and Easy to Carry

The Bug Bite Thing has specially designed handle makes it easy to scrape out stingers that may still be present. Bug Bite Thing is also reusable. Simply remove and wash the cap in warm soapy water or sanitize with an alcohol wipe. Then simply snap cap back on so you can use your Bug Bite Thinover and over g again

Bug Bite Thing immediately reduces the pain and itching from insects, making it the ultimate outdoor must-have for kids and adults. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight so be sure to never leave home without it.

Bug Bite Thing

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