Admit it, you’ve spent more time on your smartphone instead of drinking enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the entire day. Our body needs at least 10 glasses of water a day to keep itself cool and hydrated. Since we sweat a lot even without realizing it, drinking lesser than the required amount can lead to dehydration. If you’re a forgetful person who tends to rely on your phone for reminders, then Hydrade is the solution for your body’s needs.

Hydrade is a solar powered smart bottle. Sounds cool, right? The solar-powered part’s not the only cool feature about it. It can track your water intake as well as suggest a recommended hydration level using the power that comes from the sun. And the best part of it? With every sip you take, you are also donating clean, potable water to charity!

Hydrade is the Modern Solution

Relying on our smartphones for reminders and other events isn’t a bad thing. It’s 2019, smartphones exist for the sole reason of serving our needs, whatever it may be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a gadget you constantly hold 24/7 to remind you to drink a glass of water.

With its patented and state of the art technology, the Hydrade is like an insulated water bottle and a smartphone. It can sync with smart devices with Bluetooth, including your phones, Fitbit, or even your Apple Watch.

It takes note of your age, weight, gender, activity, as well as your geography since warmer places require more water to keep your body cool. Using this information, it will recommend your daily hydration level. As it tracks your water intake using a behavioral sensor, the Hydrade app that comes for free will remind you whenever you need a drink.

Eco-friendly, caring and ground-breaking Hydrade

Since Hydrade is solar-powered, you won’t have to worry about additional costs to your electric bill. The bottle automatically charges when exposed to the sun’s powerful rays. Not only is it friendly to the environment, but its ergonomic features also care for you and your body. It will help you manage your hydration levels as well as prevent chronic dehydration and other related diseases.

Even without the solar charging and bluetooth pairing capabilities, Hydrade is still amazing. Because of its double wall insulation, it can keep your drinks hot for 13 hours and cold for 22 hours! Hydrade is a technological revolution. It cares for you, your drinks, the environment and even others in need.

Be a Part of the Hydrade Movement

A lot of people suffer from dehydration during unexpected moments due to being forgetful about the daily glass of water their body needs every now and then. Hydrade aims to get rid of chronic dehydration with hydration coaching and gentle reminders. Preventing chronic dehydration has never been this easy!

Drinking has never been more fun to do when your bottle cares for you and others. With Hydrade, every sip you take keeps not just you but an entire family hydrated. Get your very own Hydrade bottle now.


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