CoolBro – Refrigerator Beer & Cold Bottle Dispenser

CoolBro is a refrigerator dispenser that holds all of your bottles including beer and other beverages.  It gives you a neat and organized spot to put all of your glass bottles and dispenses it perfectly, giving you the coldest drink in the fridge.

Bottles can get crowded in your refrigerator and grabbing them can be cumbersome and annoying when there’s a lot of stuff in there.  Having a dispenser that takes up minimal space will give you an organized delightful feeling.

CoolBro is extremely easy to setup and put in your refrigerator

The CoolBro is super easy to setup,  all you have to do is pull out the shelf and load your beers.  The coldest one will be on the bottom, ready to be dispensed and when you wanna add more you can simply just put some on the top.

It even has a cool sound buddy that allows you to play a tune or sound whenever someone grabs a drink.  The sound buddy is rechargeable and can load songs through a usb cable.

coolbro gif filling up
coolbro sound buddy

The CoolBro may look big, but the dimensions fit almost any refrigerator

From the pictures it looks like this device is huge, but in actuality it’s the perfect size to fit any fridge.  It’s 15.75 inches at it’s longest point which was measured to be a universal fridge size.  It only stands 7.7 inches tall so it should fit on a good sized shelf.

The bottle size that fits is pretty much any standard beer bottle or drink.  Allowing a max size of 9.48 inches for the bottle.  It really is the perfect drink dispenser.

coolbro dimensions


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