Libra MacBook: Turn Your iPad into a Macbook

Turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook with the Libra MacBook. With the Libra MacBook, you are sure to maximize the function and use of your Apple gadget. There is absolutely an amazing experience that comes with this product and you will enjoy it. It is a gift for Apple users.

It is absolutely remarkable so you should make sure that you learn more about the product. Read on below to find out more. 

A Good Technology With Libra MacBook

The Libra MacBook

The Libra MacBook functions so well. You will enjoy the wonderful aesthetics that matches your iPad Pro. It comes in the color silver and space grey. The perfect combination complements the look of the full-sized MacBook. 

The Libra MacBook

The iPad accessory also comes with an iPad Pro trackpad. This built-in trackpad is amazing as the gestures and the touch control is great. Basically, with this accessory and your iPad Pro, you have the function and use of a laptop even if you just use the Libra.

The Libra MacBook

It also comes with a dedicated set of function keys that is truly amazing and reliable. Like the laptop, you will see that this function is rewarding. 

The Libra MacBook

The backlit keys are adjustable. This fact would allow you to enjoy the keys and have a wonderful time with the item even in the dark. It is a marvelous piece of equipment that you never thought you needed. 

Typing function

The typing function is also much like the function of the normal MacBook. You would not see any other experience that is brought upon by another manufacturer other than Apple so you can absolutely sure with this one. 

You will also love the magnetic cover that comes with the package. The overall reliability is not up for question since you basically have a cover, a keyboard, a backlight, and a functional trackpad in one. The function is worth the money and worth the investment. You can never go wrong with this technology.

Luck With The MacBook

You will absolutely delight in the product. Functionality becomes bold and rewarding with this one. It is the world’s first keyboard that comes complete with a trackpad, a functional backlit, as well as function keys. The whole system will give the iPad Pro a MacBook-like experience. The user also does not need to worry as this one matches the iPadOS. It is definitely a gift for the holidays



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