Warm weather often means more time spent outdoors picnicking, socializing, reading a book, and more. However, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other types of heat illnesses are a real possibility should outdoor conditions become too hot. Even if ones health isnt in jeopardy, hot weather can force a person inside or even ruin an outdoor dining experience.

Introducing, the Fanbrella. It’s a fan that can easily attach to your existing stationary outdoor umbrella and provide a cooling breeze of air for anyone under the shade of the umbrella.

It’s a Fan. It’s an Umbrella. It’s Fanbrella!

Sometimes an invention comes around that’s so genius, that you just had no idea it was even an option! That’s pretty much what the Fanbrella is! It’s a fan integrated into an umbrella. This way no longer will you only be filled with shade from the umbrella, but you’ll also get a nice breeze on a hot still Summer day!

This clever new invention is a must-have for patios. It keeps users cool and comfortable. Perfect for picnic, pool or barbecue party and outdoor gathering.


Fanbrella is so Easy to Install

Fanbrella assembly and application are trouble-free. The device is great for residential or commercial use and can easily transfer to another umbrella.

The Fanbrella fits around any standard umbrella pole. To install it, just remove your umbrella pole from its base, then slide the Fanbrella device up your umbrella pole to the top where it won’t hit any part of the umbrella once it starts moving. Then just reattach it to the base.



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