GoSun Go Cooks And Boils Water With Solar Power

GoSun Go is a portable device that lets you cook food and boil water in minutes, using solar technology. Eliminate grease, fire, and messy cleanups forever when you cook outdoors.

GoSun Go Revolutionary Solar Technology

GoSun Go is powered by state-of-the-art solar technology, which allows you to cook outside even when it’s cloudy! With the strong insulation provided by its vacuum tube, you can cook in any outside temperature.

This solar cooking unit is portable enough to bring anywhere. Be able to boil water without fuel even at remote camping sites.

GoSun’s remarkable cooking technology retains the moisture and flavor of your food for a perfect result every time. Never worry about charred or overcooked meat.

Even after cooking, the device is cool to the touch. It also comes in a durable EVA case with attachment hook that weighs less than two pounds.


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