H2O Ninja 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask

The h2O Ninja is a 180° view full face snorkel mask that brings you natural breathing when you snorkel. It’s cool design lets you completely submerge underwater and come back up and continue snorkeling.

If you’ve ever been to an island or have done snorkel water activities, you’ll love this. It’s the perfect travel mask that can really enhance your underwater experiences.

The H2O Ninja Mask really is the complete snorkeling mask

The H2O Ninja Mask is competitive with any of today’s snorkel mask because it comes with reduced fogging. Most snorkel masks boast that, but this mask comes with a revolutionary design and of course anti-fogging.

It has an increased view angle so you can see around you, instead of being confined to just goggles. The full view really lest you see the ocean in way you’ve never seen it before.

h20 ninja Display

The H2O Ninja Mask has great safety features

It comes with a shatterproof polycarbonate lends which makes it safe for diving. The glass is built durable too so it will be long lasting.

It also comes with built in safety valves in case any water happens to seep into the mask. The Dry Top technology stops water from enter the masking through the snorkel.

h20 ninja Under Water

h20 ninja Front View

$164.99 $129.00

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