Heated Gloves For Extra Warmth

These heated gloves are the perfect answer for cold winters where the regular warmth of gloves is not enough. Simply press a button and keep your hands toasty!

Heated Gloves Offer Three Different Heat Levels

These heated gloves are perfect for those in extreme weather conditions. Simply press the front button and three different heat levels are available to you, up to 150 degrees F.

These gloves are constructed from a high quality breathable material with rechargeable battery. They are also fully water resistant, which protects their hi-tech capability.

A battery indicator tells you how much charge is left in the battery. A simple red-green-blue light lets you know when you need to recharge, with a fully charged glove providing up to 5 hours of warmth.

These gloves will protect you whether skiing, snowboarding, or on a trip to Alaska. You’ll feel a soothing warmth throughout your hands in minutes.

Polar Gloves 1


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