Melange: The World’s Comfiest Most Advanced Robe

Our fast-paced lifestyles take quite the toll on our bodies. Stress, pollutants, physical labor, and other environmental factors constantly add up. Eventually, our bodies can no longer cope. We end up feeling overworked, beaten down, and ill. What we need is a solution that offers natural healing and constant relief. Luckily, we now have Melange Robe as our daily wellness companion.

Melange Robe is your ultimate and dependable solution in achieving optimum physical health and wellness. It works through the fusion of science and technology with the wonders of nature. It is the first of its kind, a robe that offers comfort and luxury while highlighting the good health impacts of nature and technology.

Melange is Nature and Technology Fused Together in One Potent Everyday Wear

Engineered with Celliant Technology, each Melange robe is a masterpiece of innovation. Potent thermo-reactive and naturally-occurring minerals were methodically selected and processed to form a Celliant fiber. The fiber is weaved perfectly using Linkweave technology in premium grade cotton. All of these combined form an extraordinary robe that gives you superior comfort and luxury.

From time to time, our body exudes energy in the form of body heat. Using Celliant technology, this top-notch robe harnesses the lost energy and recycle it back to our body. The thermo-reactive minerals embedded in the fibers of the robe traps our body heat, convert it into infrared energy and incorporate it back to our body.

So why is this so important?

Melange Comfort, Functionality and Optimum Health

Once the energy is cycled back to our body, it causes our capillaries to vasodilate enabling more oxygen to be transported to all the parts of our body. Designed to perfection, the Melange Robe has been proven to improve oxygen perfusion in our body by 10 % to 24 %.

Harnessing as much energy and bringing it back to our body has massive astounding benefits.  Increased oxygen in our cells promotes good blood circulation which has a series of benefits. These include:

  • Optimum functions of internal organs
  • Increased cognitive functions
  • Improved sleep and relaxation
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved recuperation and healing processes

Other Features That Make Melange So Great

Melange Robe offers perfection beyond comfort and luxury. Its carefully chosen materials are well-tested and ensured to withstand constant washing and wear and tear guaranteeing durability and great value for money. The robe also comes in various sizes and various colors to fit your taste. Plus, it even has amazing health benefits!

It is the perfect be part of your morning agenda or relaxation routine. Because of its healing efficiency, it is highly beneficial to people who seek relief from prolonged sickness, fatigue and stress, and those who suffer sleep disorders and/or sore joints and muscle.

Melange can be your everyday source of healing, rejuvenation, and vigor. With this in your wardrobe, you get a great solution to improve your health in a natural and undamaging way. Healing and rejuvenation have never been this simple and accessible. Thanks to Melange Robe, optimum health is now in your fingertips.


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