Mico – the NEW way to make delicious microwave meals

MICO is the new method in your microwave. You’ve never cooked like this before; delicious toasties, grilled to perfection, poached and fried eggs with beautifully runny yolks, baked potatoes; crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, all from your humble microwave.

How does Mico Work?

Mico uses new HeatWave Technology that harnesses the microwave power to deliver conventional cooking and turns microwaved food from disappointment to delight. With MICO, it’s not just your microwave’s turntable that’s revolutionary.

The cooking times for it is completely reasonable too.  You wont cook it too fast to question if it actually does much, and you won’t cook it too long in case you think your over microwaving your food.

mico technology

mico cook times

The Mico can cook amazing dishes

From baked potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches and eggs, the MICO really does it all.    Spend only a few minutes in the morning microwaving some eggs or a quick lunch and you’ll be on your without having to do much clean up.

mico poached eggs

micro grilled cheese sandiwch

The MICO is easy to clean and safe

Of course the MICO is dishwasher safe and extremely easy to wipe down and clean.  This will ensure this product will last a long time.

mico dishwasher safe

mico heatweave technology


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