Mini Soda Vending Machine: The Refrigerator of Your Dreams

When it comes to drinking soda at the office, the mini soda vending machine is definitely one for the books. There are a lot of advantages with this machine and one could not see any kind of disadvantage.

If you are looking at some facts about the Mini Soda Vending Machine, then you are in the right place. With the small size and the convenience that the special mini fridge has to offer, it can be used anywhere.

The Mini Soda Vending Machine

Imagine this scenario, you are working but you suddenly feel a little bit thirsty, then you eventually realize that you need a drink. You decide that you want one but the machine is too far away or the canteen is too far away. What do you do? With the Mini Soda Vending Machine, you can have a soda at the comfort of your desk.

Mini Soda Vending Machine

So, what is this machine all about?

The Mini Soda Vending Machine is a miniature vending machine that can do wonders to your work productivity.

It works in two ways:

  • It can act as a refrigerator where you just need to open the refrigerator door and you end up with a cold one at hand.
  • You may also use it like a vending machine where you click on the one that you want and it will go down the vending machine, it goes as simple as that.

After the two ways, you can also just use it as a way for you to enjoy life and just sit back with a cold brew anywhere close to where you usually work.

Specifications of the Machine

The machine comes with a handful of specifications that make it a perfect fit anywhere. It has the following characteristics:

Mini Soda Vending Machine
  • It is only 25.6 inches tall, 16.3 inches deep, and 9.25 inches wide which makes it the perfect size for a coffee table or just about anywhere you would want to put it.
  • The variant also comes in color black so it can fit any interior that you may have.

With the above information, it is easier to get a handful of the soda you need right at the moment that you need it. This handy machine is the perfect gift for him if you have a special guy in your life or for your dad who works hard; whoever receives this will truly love it.

What if I don’t want to wait to get this from Japan?

You’re in luck because they sell something very similar to this right here in the United States. It may not be the same color and product, but it’s VERY close to this.

This vending machine is a little retro, but definitely will do the same trick. It looks like a vending machine out of the 50s.

Just in case you wanted another alternative from a site you can actually read. Here it is:

If you still want to buy the original one you see in the video or have seen on our social media page, click below and you’ll be redirected to the official japanese Thanko website.


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