Motorcycle Camping Tent: Goose Wingman Of The Road

A motorcycle camping tent may be a new concept but that should not be taken against it. This 2019 the new concept of a motorcycle camping tent comes in the world and it will take the motorcycle world by storm. The Goose Wingman Of The Road is a new gift for bikers everywhere.

If you are looking for an all-in-one concept tent that is perfect for camping when you own a motorcycle, then this one is the answer to your problems. The Goose Wingman Of The Road, motorcycle camping tent, is going to answer all your camping worries.

The Fun Never Stops

The good thing about new releases is the fact that it is always ready to make things easier for individuals. The fun never stops with this camping tent. 

It is the best gift for dads or brothers. If you have a father who rides a motorcycle or a brother who likes to take sports to the extreme, you can have this ever amazing motorcycle camping tent.

The Features of the Motorcycle Camping Tent 

With this one, you can enjoy the many features that would benefit your camping trip greatly. Read on the following features to see what matters:

Goose Motorcycle Camping Tent

The full concept is an “all-in-one motorcycle camping system designed by bikers, for bikers.” This product tagline speaks volumes about what one should expect with the product. It acts in different functions and goes all out on that minimalist camper vibe.

Goose Wingman of the Road
  • It has a canvas tent which acts as your protection from all of nature’s harsh elements, especially at night. 
  • There is also a very thick foam mattress for that good night sleep and it is coupled by a sleeping bag. In order to get the most out of the system, the user may wrap the whole system up in the cover. 
  • The cover doubles up as a blanket to sit on when not in use so even if the owner feels no need to use a tent or a foam or whatever other function of the Goose, he can still use it as something to sit on by the campfire.
Motorcycle Camping Tent doubles as a sleeping bag

The quality of the material is also top notch as it has the following qualities:

  • The material is waterproof so you need not worry about wrapping it after getting wet. 
  • It is also extremely breathable so you will have no problem with how the breeze would come in. 
  • It is also hard wearing and is made up of a 420g heavy duty rip stop canvas.

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