Why go camping in a tiny tent that you have to lay in the fetile position in to get into, why not just bring your house with you? With the Multi-Room Tent you can do exactly that.

If you’re someone who needs plenty of extra room in their camping tent for large families (and more), someone who loves glamping, or someone who just never leaves their tent, this Multi-Room Tent with a bunch of extra room might be for you.

Multi-Room Tent Accommodates Up to 12 Persons

This Multi-Room Tent has 3 different rooms to it, and can easily and comfortably fit a large family in one single tent. It can fit up to 3 queen size air-mattresses with 2 extra sleeping positions in each room. It has a center point height of 6.8 feet, so you’ll even be able to fully stand up inside the tent. All of which can fit 12 adults comfortably, or 30 adults uncomfortably.

Best of all, there’s even a large front awning on the front of the tent (like a porch) if you’d like to be outside, but still want some shade or protection from the rain. The giant 3-room camping tent also comes with 7 fully closeable windows and it comes with a rainfly to protect against the weather.

Multi-Room Tent

Easy Set Up in 2 Minutes or Less!

The Multi-Room Tent easily sets up in under 2 minutes as the poles come pre-attached. So you can just unfold the tent and extend it out to set it up super quickly. The tent measures 16 feet x 16 feet when fully setup and has two internal dividers to separate each room.

The Multi-Room Tent comes with a wheeled carrying case that makes it super easy to haul around to and from your campsite.

Multi-Room Tent

Advance Added Features!

Multi-Room Tent ensures to keep you comfortable inside this giant tent. Keep cool with the oversized ground vent and it even has an option to install an air-conditioner into it.

The Multi-Room Tent also has power outlet that allows you to plug in the tent and electrify the exterior of it. Since you’re inside the tent you’re grounded and won’t be shocked. It acts as a barrier to stop bears, mountain lions, etc from entering your tent and eating you alive while you and the love of your love share some tiramisu on your air mattress. It also allows you run any appliances in the spare rooms that you have in tent such as a clothes washer, double oven, espresso machine etc.

Multi-Room Tent


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