PowerRay – Fishing Drone That Will Change The Fishing World

PowerRay is the world’s first fishing drone.  It helps you find fish by giving you eyes under water.  All you have to do is sit back and use the built-in 4k HD camera to find things.

This drone is equipped with all the essentials of a normal flying drone so it’s power is amazing under water.  It’s specifically designed to weave through the water without an issue.

PowerRay isn’t just for fishing, it’s for all kinds of water activities and travel

It’s obvious with a water drone, it’s not only used for fishing.  This drone could definitely be used for whale watching or exploring the coral reef.  It’s absolutely amazing to look at the wildlife underwater through a drone.

It’s 4k capability, 12MP camera, 32/64 GB of storage and 1080P Real-Time Streaming makes it the ultimate drone for video.  Capture some of the sharpest underwater pictures and videos you could imagine.

powerray fish finder drone

To top it all off, the PowerRay is Virtually Reality (VR) Enabled

The PowerRay hooks up to a VR system that lets you look through virtual reality under water.  When you move your head the drone aligns and moves with you.  It’s absolutely ground-breaking to have a VR camera under water.

This will really change the landscape of water activities.  Having one of these on a boat is going to be the most fun you’ll have during the summer.

powerray fishing drone virtual reality vr


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