Reverse Folding Umbrella Eliminates Water Drip

This reverse folding umbrella has a unique design which will keep it from dripping water all over the place. You’ll never want an ordinary umbrella again!

Reverse Folding Umbrella Keeps You Dry

We all know that umbrellas keep you dry from the rain, but water dripping after folding can be a nuisance that gets everything wet anyways. This umbrella’s reverse folding design prevents that from happening.

This umbrella is self-standing and constructed out of durable materials that won’t rip or tear in bad weather. It’s drip-proof and windproof.

With an easy-grip handle and many delightful color options, this umbrella is the answer to your needs when the clouds converge. Supplies are low so make sure to grab this one and eliminate water drip forever.

$99.99 $49.99

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