Slyde Grom Handboard – The most fun you’ll have this summer

A Slyde Grom Handboard is a brand new way to surf the waves which is much less conventional than what we’re used to.  The board straps on to your hand so you can catch the wave on your hands instead of your feet.

It’s a completely new way to look at surfing and most definitely a new challenge for all beach lovers.  With a little practice, anyone can ride a wave.

Portability of the Slyde Grom Handboard makes it a daily activity

Slyde Handboardsare built very small and compact so it makes carrying it to the beach a lot easier.  It’s an easy object to carry around which makes it a great daily activity at the beach.

slyde grom handboard - hassle free


The material is soft and spongey so it’s safe and extremely durable.  These boards last a very long time and have the highest quality material used in them.

slyde grom handboard - safe

slyde grom handboard - for kids

The Slyde Grom Handboard can be a very competitive and challenging sport or just a fun beach activity

Anyone can learn how to use this board because it is extremely easy to learn for people of all ages.  The fun does not stop there, the skill levels for handboarding can range from novice to expert.

There is a real challenge in learning how to get very good at this, so the sky is the limit.  One day, it could even become an olympic sport, just watch.

slyde grom handboard - easy to learn
slyde grom handboard - barrells

slyde grom handboard - fun

Step up to the challenge and have the most fun you’ve ever had at the beach with the Slyde Grom Handboard.  It has just been put to Kickstarter to mass produce these amazing boards, so get yours today!


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