LED Outlet Cover Guidelight – With Automatic Sensor by SnapPower

This LED Outlet Cover is a beautiful Guidelight that gives your home decor a high-quality, luxurious feeling.  It requires no batteries and no wires which makes it very easy to install.

The automatic sensor activates the light when it’s dark making your job extremely easy. Your home will have the ultimate upscale look and also help you see throughout your house at night.


snappower led outlet cover

Why this led outlet cover is the smartest and cheapest way to give your home an upgrade

One of the most important things to note about this outlet cover is that it requires no batteries or extra wires.  It also costs less than 10 cents a year to power it.  Amazing!  An extremely minor change to help give a big impact on your entire house look and feel.

One of the best places to install these is your kitchen.  Giving it a very modern, upscale look for the most ambitious home owners.
led outlet cover snappower guidelight kitchen

Having 20 of these covers in the house is an extra $2/year in electricity and that should be enough to keep your entire home lit in a dim setting at night.  The covers use LED bulbs so they don’t burn out, making each plate virtually last forever.

The bottom line

After seeing these in some homes, we’re thoroughly convinced that adding Snappower’s led outlet cover to your home decor gives your house an extra 10 points.  The very intricate detail it adds, just makes your home feel 10 years newer.  Watching a lot of home improvement shows, it’s more and more confusing why i haven’t seen these earlier.

One of the most inexpensive upgrades that will add amazing detail to your home.  Check out this amazing electrical outlet coverplate that fits over duplex and decor outlets.  Buy your LED night-light/hallway lights by clicking the link below this post or at the top of this post.


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