Snowboard LED Lights Kit – Illuminate Your Night

Snowboard LED Lights are the newest thing to hit the snow, this season.  They come in all kinds of colors, styles and sizes.  It’s decorative  design makes endless possibilities for this new light up snowboard fad.

If you’ve ever been night boarding before, you can guess this would be an awesome thing to have at the terrain park.  Look at the difference between a snowboard without LED lights and then with:

Before and After LED Snowboard lights

All kinds of led snowboard lights attach to your board

The most important thing about LED snowboard lights is that they are customizable.  Snowboard LED Lights come in many different versions that all have different ways of attaching to your board.

One good example is the blinding platform which is an insert in your binding that allows your bindings to light up.  Look at the way the Haloz Kit attaches to your bindings:

Snowboard LED Integration

Blue LED Snowboard Lights

There’s an infinite amount of ways that lights can be attached to a board.  There are some that line your board’s edges and comes with a battery pack that fits right on your board.  Of course it’s rechargeable and has a long life span.

Some boards come with color changing features, while others come with adjustable one color:

Snowboard Binding LED Lights

Snowboard LED Lights are becoming more popular, especially with pro snowboarders

Because it’s so flashy and vibrant, the snowboard LED lights have been adopted by the greatest snowboarders to give them an extra flare coming down the mountain.  Adding these on to their boards, people might recognize them right away, or it might look cool going off a jump and seeing a bright board in the sky.

After owning one of these kits, customers quickly realize how nice of an aesthetic it is when going down the mountain.  Your friends can follow you and you’ll know right away who is who when your on the slopes at night.

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