Solar Floor Light Lends Your Garden An Ethereal Look

This Solar Floor Light will provide a graceful way of lighting up your garden or pathway at night. It will not just light the way, but lend your outdoor area an ethereal presence.

Solar Floor Light Works Year-Round

This solar floor light is solar-powered, so there are no pesky wires or batteries that need constant recharging. Simply place the floor light around your garden or pathway and it will work year-round!

These lights will turn on automatically as soon as it gets dark, and stay on unless shut off with a simple on/off switch. 8 LED bulbs are in each unit, casting a soft glow to their surroundings.

With these lights there is no rusting or corrosion, just a perfect glow that works day and night, all year round. They are not only practical but great for a little extra home decor as well.

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