The BBQ Toolbox is a small grill that you can haul around anywhere, and although it doesn’t actually hold any tools, you will look extra manly as you haul it around.

looks like a classic metal toolbox but unfolds to reveal an 8×15” stainless steel grill, a warming rack and a storage tray for those essential condiments.

The BBQ Toolbox Looks Like a Classic Toolbox but Unfolds to Reveal a Multi-Grilling Station

The BBQ Toolbox is made to look just like a standard red toolbox that your father probably owns, but instead of holding tools, it folds open to reveal two levels of grilling platforms to cook some burgers, steaks, or dogs on. One side of the grill features a warming rack where you can warm and toast your buns, whereas the other side features a tray to hold your grilling tools, spices, etc.

Toolbox BBQ

The BBQ Toolbox Smart and Durable Design

A removable fuel tray slides out from the toolbox so you can load and ignite your charcoal, and the handles on the toolbox fold all the way down to provide a stand for the BBQ to sit up above the ground. A perfect travel grill for handymen, or someone who just likes grilling on the go.

The BBQ Toolbox is made from steel and coated in super high-temperature red paint. It was designed and built to withstand all your grilling needs.  This is a really cool gift idea for mechanics.

Toolbox BBQ

$120.00 $73.70

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