Vacuvin Quick Skewer

Skewering food for barbecuing can be messy and time consuming. It is usually quite cumbersome to have to stab each individual piece of meat or vegetable through a wooden stick. That’s no longer the case with Vacuvin Quick Skewer!

The VacuVin Quick Skewer is one gadget no grillmaster should be without. This great new tool allows you to quickly and safely create delicious skewers and kabobs with ease. Great for creating meals for a crowd.

Create Skewers and Kabobs the Faster Way with Vacuvin Quick Skewer!

The Vacuvin Quick Skewer is simple to use. Open the Quick Skewer, load your prepped foods into the tray, close, and push the skewer through the opening in one end until it threads through to the other side. Open the Quick Skewer and you have a kabob all ready for the barbecue!

You can also use the Quick Skewer to remove cooked foods from skewers. Just wrap the kabob in the Quick Skewer, close and pull. It’s that simple!

Vacuvin Quick Skewer

Vacuvin Quick Skewer Works on Variety of Ingredients

This unique skewer threading tool allows you to thread all ingredients onto a skewer at once. It can be used with meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and even marshmallows for s’mores. Measures 6″ long, and designed to make a 4″ to 5″ kabob.

Vacuvin Quick Skewer is made from food-grade material and is dishwasher safe.

Vacuvin Quick Skewer


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