VEIU – The World’s Smartest Doorbell

The VEIU is one of the world’s smartest doorbells because it has a builtin system that allows you to see and communicate with people at your front door. It hooks up with any smartphone and you’ll be able to talk to visitors from your phone, even if your not there.

VEIU changes the way you answer your door

This peep hole/door bell gadget, really will change the way you answer your door. When you’re downstairs, you can easily tell your guests to come inside without having to get up.

You’ll also be able to answer your door when you’re away from home. Imagine telling the Fedex guy or the USPS guy to just leave the package on your doorstep.

veiu worlds smartest doorbell

The VEIU has no monthly contracts, it’s a free service that works with your own wifi and network.

The hardware is amazing and the best part of it all, is that the VEIU has no monthly contracts or services. It works solely on your home network and is also rechargeable with no cords.

This device is loaded with features and an amazing camera. This is definitely the home upgrade you’ll want to improve your convenience factor.

veiu uses


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