Waterproof Heated Gloves With Internal Battery

These waterproof heated gloves are the ultimate gift for any skier, snowboarder, or anyone who loves to spend time in cold outdoor environments. They will heat your hands in seconds and are completely waterproof.

Heated Gloves 3

Waterproof Heated Gloves Are The Ultimate Winter Companion

These gloves have it all: a touch screen index finger, reflective strip, wear resistant PU, retractable elastic waist, and battery pocket. A simple off/on switch turns them on and controls the heat intensity.

Choose from three separate heat levels, and be able to recharge in minutes. You will be amazed at how quickly your entire hand is warmed.

Constructed from high quality breathable material that is water resistant with accurate stitching. Powered by three AAA batteries.

$139.99 $69.99

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