Sled Legs – The World’s First Ever Leg Sleds

Apparently, sledding on your knees using these leg sleds is the newest way to have fun in the snow.  These strap on to your legs and you run and jump on your knees and away we go.

Sled Legs were designed to be comfortable so it doesn’t hurt your knees or shins.  The effortless straps make it so the leg sleds are also very comfortable to walk in also.

Sled Legs - First Weable Leg Sleds

The rider can get as far down the hill as if it were built just like a toboggan or standard sled.  He or she can get speeds from medium to very fast.  The speed could be even as fast as skis or snowboards in some cases.

These toboggan’s for your knees were built to last and also for maximum control because safety is always number one.  It has an adjustable strap so it can fit on most people and it is also built with a durable material that makes it last extra long.

Sled Legs Sledding Design - Durable Leg Sleds

The creators of this product made a video to show just how cool sledding on your knees really is.  Someone has to give him credit for making this video go viral because this item is flying off the shelves on amazon and it’s time to get yours.  It’s an awesome gift that could have any snow lover happy.

This is how to use them, run and jump on your knees:

When looking at these from a side angl, notice how well these fit on your knees.  They curve off of your knee cap and isolate the connection on your shin and knee, but keeps your quads free to move.

Side view of sled legs

Sled Legs receive an A+ in the winter gifts department because they are both fun, affordable and a great gift that really thinking outside of the box.  These could be received on Christmas morning and people could be taking them out for a spin.




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