Wolverine Pack: The World’s First Self-Healing Utility Bag

Get ready for a whole new era in backpacking. The Wolverine Pack is the world’s lightest, strongest, and first self-healing utility bag that’s ready to take the outdoors by storm.

Wolverine Pack Uses Self-Healing FuseFabric Material

Wolverine is the first utility pack made from FuseFabric self-healing material. Watch small cuts and punctures disappear simply by rubbing your hands over the fabric!

FuseFabric is also water-resistant and extremely lightweight for ease of use. The soft fabric is pliant yet durable,  resting smoothly on your back for a comfortable outdoors experience.

A unique roll-top bag design allows the Wolverine to expand or collapse to any given size requirement, eliminating floppy or overstuffed bags. You can even fold it all the way down to the size of a cell phone.

Wolverine Pack comes with a quick release clip and easy carry handle that can be taken on any walk, hike, climb, workout routine, day at the park, camping trip, and more. Its durability and convenience of use is unmatched in the industry.

$95.00 $59.00

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