Snapon Magnetic Cable: The 3 Switchable Tips You Need

For those who are looking for a wireless charging pad that can work for all types of gadgets, you can have the Snapon Magnetic Cable. With this product, you have three switchable tips that you would love. There is a lightning cable, a micro-USB cable, and a Type-C cable. With this gift for your phone, you can definitely enjoy what life has to bring. 

There is absolutely no alignment needed with this product. With that, read on this review to find out more about the game.

A Good Charge With The Snapon Magnetic Cable

Snapon Magnetic Cable: The 3 Switchable Tips You Need

The product has the following characteristics:

It is an absolutely real game-changer. We made sure that we create a product that will cover all of your charging. We provide the best kind of product, it accepts two inputs such as the USB-A and the USB-C. 

Other than the inputs, you should also be able to charge it with three different kinds of connectors. This quality allows you to charge whatever gadget you may own.

It is considered as the world’s smallest built-in wireless charging pad. You can charge a smart watch, your tablet, as well as your phones in this device.

How To Use The Product?

Using the product is simple, all you have to do is to leave the connector in the charging port of your device and it would effortlessly snaps on the magnetic tip. The charge is free from any kind of hassle.

Since it has auto alignment, you will be able to save yourself from having to line up the product in the dark.

If you are worried about leaving the charger on, you need not worry. The product has a very unobtrusive breathing light. This light blinks during charging and remains on when fully charged.

The best thing about this product is that you can prevent yourself from pulling the cord while you are charging. You can always enjoy the fact that you are charging your phone without the hassle and without any problem.

A Good Way To Charge

Snapon Magnetic Cable

With the Snapon Magnetic Cable, you can charge whatever gadget you have. With the three tips of the gadget charger, you have the single cable that can bring you all that you would ever need. If you are an Android user, an Apple lover, or anything else in between, you will love this gift for charging.

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