CasusGrill – The Biodegradable Instant BBQ

CasusGrill Disposable Grill is the first biodegradable instant barbecue that is perfect for picnics in the park or camping.  It really makes it so you can grill anywhere without the hassle of cleaning up, but still being environmentally friendly.

CasusGrill Disposable Grill fish

The CasusGrill Disposable Grill is really biodegradable

Many portable grills boast that they are disposable but no grill was truly biodegradable until the CasusGrill.  It is perfectly eco friendly and is good for the environment.

It’s also safe from harmful black residue and resin on the grill which is very unhealthy to heat off a standard metal grill.  This will really make it convenient to do a romantic barbecue picnic in the park,

CasusGrill Disposable Grill steak

The CasusGrill Disposable Grill grills pretty much anything a standard grill would

Cook anything from meat, vegetables, fish and other grill worth products.  It’s perfectly equipped to handle it all.

This grill is really a special item that isn’t commonly used because of how un-environmental friendly it can be, but this grill is perfectly eco friendly.  That makes this a sustainable and useful product.

CasusGrill Disposable Grill vegetables


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