GoDuo Speakers – Powerful Magnetic Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

GoDuo Speakers are powerful magnetic bluetooth stereo speakers that have magnets at the base which allow you to attach them to any metal surface. They are perfect for on-the-go travel because they are water resistant and shock resistant so they are extremely durable.

The GoDuo Speakers are revolutionary in the portable bluetooth speaker world

Many of us own bluetooth speakers so this invention seems unsurprising at first, but it definitely is something revolutionary. Having magnets on the bottom of the speakers allows users to stick them anywhere or to pull them a part for surround sound.

Go Duo Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers carrying case

The nifty carrying case it comes with also puts everything in one, making it compact and portable when you need to take it on the go with you. The fact that these speakers are also shockproof, water resistant, dust resistant, and weatherproof makes it better than any speaker on the market.

Go Duo Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers

The GoDuo Speakers are complete with all the features you’ll ever need

The GoDuo Speakers have amazing sound quality that match up to any speaker. You’ll be shocked when you hear the quality that comes out of these tiny speakers. Here is a test to here what it sounds like:

On top of amazing sound quality, these bluetooth speakers come complete with an auxiliary port, bluetooth connection for any mobile device, and also a built in microphone so you can answer calls. It really is a complete speaker.

Go Duo Magnetic Bluetooth Speakers mobile phone




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