InkCase i7 Plus: Dual Screen For iPhone 7 Plus

The InkCase i7 Plus is a dual screen phone case for your iPhone 7 Plus that gives it the capability of becoming an e-reader on the back of your phone. It’s perfect for adventurers, bookworms, businesspersons, selfie-takers and everyone else.

It’s powerful enough to display photos, news, to-do lists, ebooks and so much more with it’s amazing E Ink screen.  It connects using bluetooth so it’s seamless.

The InkCase has a top quality E Ink Screen that will replace your Kindle

This phone case can easily replace your kindle because of it’s portability but also because the E Ink screen is state of the art.  It’s the highest quality E Ink screen available on the market today.

The screen is a 5.2″ E Ink screen that allows you to display high quality photos.  The quality is unmatched and it is also extremely thin compared to other E Ink screens.

inkcase prototype

The InkCase is a super strong smartphone case

This iPhone case is super strong and it protects your phone better than most cases out there. It uses BubblePro Technology for drop proof protection, so you know it’s extremely durable and will keep your precious phone safe.

It’s also waterproof to shield your phone and E Ink screen from rain or water damage. The screen is also protected with an Anti-Scratch screen protector. These features are all fitted into a small thin and light case.

inkcase features

inkcase device weight

inkcase device weight


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