Magnetic Levitating Skull: A Scary Display

Halloween is better with the Magnetic Levitating Skull. If you are a big fan of a big scare or like a Gothic room design, you would love this gift for gothics. There are so many fun conversations that would start with this one.

Imagine this scenario, you have a kid and the child is a fan of goth. You want your child to display her creativity and uniqueness. So, you support her. But how do you support your child? You can do so with the help of the Magnetic Levitating Skull. 

The Magnetic Levitating Skull is a great gift for a teenager that they would love. Read below and learn more about it and what it has to offer.

Magnetic Levitating Skull

Getting To Know The Magnetic Levitating Skull

The following are the great features that come with this product:

It is the perfect gift for a gothic child. If you have a child or a teenager who loved wearing black and gory things, then you would love what this one has to offer. It is the perfect decoration as it floats in a very stable manner. It rotates midair so it is cute and also very scientific at the same time. 

Magnetic Levitating Skull

You can display it at your own desk. It can work well as a home decoration. It is also a good Halloween gift that you would love. 

The package includes an instruction manual so you would know how to make it work. It also comes in two colors of white and black. The skull is white and the base is black. You will also enjoy how the system emits blue light. It also comes with a 12V 2A UL Certified Power Adapter so you are sure that it can work with electricity well.

Magnetic Levitating Skull

The skull automatically rotates even if you do not touch it. It emits two kinds of light: a red light is perfect for the skull while the blue light is great for the base. The freaky night light it brings is one of a kind.

A Fun New World

If you like scaring your loved ones, you can do so with the Magnetic Levitating Skull. It is absolutely amazing to see how great conversations can start with a piece of levitating amusement that you can put in your home. You can have it placed on your living room or den to start the conversation.


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