Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet: Personal Cooling System

The Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet is one heck of a jacket and helmet. The product has all of the right elements to make sure that it will have the best results. 

Every person who wants a self gift for the holidays would love the Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet. There is so much more about this product category that would fully make everything good. 

With that, you should check out what the product can offer and see the results for yourself. 

A Nice Result With The Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet

The Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet is an exciting element on your cabinet. It should be a staple and it should be more than what you want it to be. This jacket for all seasons is a great addition to your cabinet.

Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet

If you aim to use the product, you should know the following characteristics that it has:

  • It can condition the air around you. It allows any person to enjoy the weather and his surroundings. There is no more need for one to do anything as long as he has this because it adjusts the body temperature with the right weather.
  • The system is ever amazing because it uses a powerful structure. With a powerful fan, the air around would get better control. 
  • It follows the contours of the body and uses the movements of your body in order to allow the air to flow

To maximize the use, the user must take note of the following:

  • You need to clip it on the back of your belt;
  • You should slide it beneath your shirt or your jacket;
  • You should turn it on and enjoy it. 
  • The lifetime of the battery will last between 6 and 8.5 hours of cool. 
  • It is rechargeable. 
  • You will enjoy the sweat free environment that comes with the use of the item. 

Basic Information

Tajima Cooling Jacket & Helmet

The following basic information should help any person enjoy the product:

  • It comes with three basic speeds;
  • It can work on battery or on an AC with 9 volts and a 1.4A adapter; and
  • It weighs around 1.2kg.

Get It Now

Even before the weather changes, you should buy this product as a gift for a family member. Make sure that you have all that you need with an item that is as useful as this one.

Eventually, you should realize that the potential of this one is endless and you should maximize it.


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