Manta Sleep Mask – Memory Foam Eye Cover, 100% Blackout

The Manta Sleep Mask let’s you get the ultimate sleep with memory foam eye covers with 100% blackout.  It’s comfortable and modular which gives equal comfort to all users.

This product has really been taking the Kickstarter by storm as it’s the perfect sleep mask.  Comfort and no extra light coming in, it really does give you a full eight hour rest.


Manta Sleeping Mask - Putting on

Manta Sleep Mask Gives you more Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep

Getting more REM sleep gives you more energy throughout the day, so focusing on this type of sleep is important.  Manta has been specially designed so that it encourages REM sleep.

The concave eye covers make it so there are no pressure on your eye lids.  This also promotes better REM sleep which can lead to more energy throughout the day.
Manta Sleeping Mask - Putting on

Other eye masks never fully cut it, Manta Sleep Mask gives you 100% blackout

A lot of eye maksks have a bit of light coming through no matter how your face is structured.  These eye cover cups make sure to engulf your eye and completely shut out any light.

It is literally like having a sealed dome over your eye shutting out all the the light around.  The memory foam makes it extremely comfortable to fit around your eyes.Manta Sleeping Mask - blackout



Manta Sleeping Mask - Putting on


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