Memobottle – The Flat Bottle That Fits In Your Bag

The Memobottle is a very simple concept, it’s a water bottle thats flat which allows it to fit in places like bags and other tight areas.  It’s actually much better for carrying purposes and daily use.

It’s as good as any other water bottle you would buy form the local store.  It does have a touch of elegancy and fits with your purse or books extremely well.

memobottle stylish

The Memobottle is blowing up over the internet

There are many competitors and a flat shaped bottle as you can imagine is something very simple to make.  It’s made with BPA free plastic and it can hold a different ranges of fluid, but they definitely make ones that are big enough to hold a lot.

It’s 100% leakproof and practically fits anywhere.  Fill it with fluid and shake as hard as you want, you’ll find that no water drips or leaks from this.

memobottle back pocket

memobottle fruit water

$27.95 $24.00

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