Motion Activated Bed Light with Automatic Shut Off

The Motion Activated Bed Light is the perfect night light as it helps you illuminate your house during the night time. It provides a dim and aesthetically pleasing light that will give your house an incredible luxury feeling.

The Motion Activated Night Light has smart motion sensors

These LED light strips have great motion detection so that you can place them pretty much anywhere and they will light your house up at night. They detect both light and movement, so they wont turn on unless it’s dark.

They also shut off by themselves, which you can set for 30 minutes to 10 minutes, giving you ultimate flexibility. You can really place these anywhere and they work well at night.

Motion Activated Bed Light bed

The Motion Activated Night Light is not just for your bed

Many others have used these led light strips to line their hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and much more. They are really an awesome invention and a cheap upgrade that will give your house an ultimate luxury feel.

Motion Activated Bed Light Featured


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