NXT Ring: The Ring That Lets You Access the World in Just a Tap

Ultimate security and enhanced accessibility are what we all want in this technology-driven world. We always search for higher technology, tighter security but in lighter and smaller devices. We want more, yet we want less.  Simple yet complicated, we totally get what you need. NXT Ring welcomes you to the future of limitless possibilities and boundless opportunities.

NXT Ring isn’t just a sophistically curated and artistically designed piece of jewelry. It’s also embedded with a piece of cutting-edge technology. Here’s what makes it so amazing.

Features of NXT Ring

With just a tap, NXT Ring offers you a convenient and protected way of accessing contacts, social media accounts, files, medical profile, and even your crypto-currency wallet. Imagine sharing data and paying for stuff and services by just tapping your finger. It’s a new way to connect with people, organize your information, and keep your data safe in one ring.

During medical emergencies, you do not even need to articulate your medical profile. Save your precious time. By tapping your ring against a smartphone, the medical professionals can access your medical condition and medical history, including critical information such as blood type, allergies, and past medical prescriptions.

These features truly revolutionize how we manage our social media accounts, digital wallets, music profiles, and more.

NXT Ring:  Championing Style and Sophisticated Technology

NXT is a specialized ring made of top-notch durable materials including 18-karat gold, brushed titanium, polished surgical steel, and silicone rubber. Each ring is meticulously prepared and precisely cut imploring micrometer precision to exhibit unique, sophisticated, and elegant design. Both jewelry and high-tech device in one, this innovation boasts its sustainability and reliability.

It is designed to be dust-proof and water-proof. Powered by a small reliable chip that has a temperature range of -25 to 70°C, you do not need to worry over changing temperatures. You do not need to fuss over the low battery. This ring is battery-free, so you can use it anytime, anywhere and everywhere you need it. It is also equipped with an adaptive user interface that is highly customizable to feed your needs. It is cloud-powered and has a back-end service for organizing links.

NXT Ring is truly a step ahead of the future.  Advanced technology and long years of innovation and testing have brought the NXT Ring. The manufacturers have considered every issue among devices: durability, battery, security, back-up, user interface, and even water resistance ability of devices. Are these your worries? They have it covered.

NXT Ring is One Teeny Yet Highly Powerful Device

Best of all, the NXT Ring offers top-most security. Every ring is ensured to have a Unique Random Identifier (URI) which is 128 bits long. This URI is generated by a True Random Number Generator (TRNG), making it impossible to tamper with, breach, or hack. Your private keys are yours only, not even shared to the manufacturers or employees of the comp. Lost your NXT ring and worried about the breach? Do not worry, nobody can see your information. You can also unlink it from your account.

Take control of your virtual and physical world with just one ring. It might just be one device, but it has boundless opportunities!

$28 for NXT Steel

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