Orii is a voice powered smart ring that lets you make calls through your finger.  It uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound to your ear, letting you make calls effortlessly with your finger.

ORII is easy to use and practical

All you have to do to use ORII is simply touch your index finger (or whichever finger ORII is on) and place it against your temple or ear bone.  Vibrations will transmit through your finger and into your bone, creating sound for you to hear.

Bone Conduction Technology: giving ORII that magical “spy-like” experience of listening to something through your finger, this tech is proven, tested, and used in medical-grade hearing aids. Just touch your ear and ORII will send clear audio with complete privacy along your finger.

orii smart ring gif

ORII has many other useful features.

This smart ring also comes with everyday life features such as a lightweight and durable design that is worn comfortably on the hand all day.  It has Siri and Google Assistant capabilities and uses dual noise-cancelling microphones.

You can answer calls on-the-go as well as send texts and other useful bluetooth features that normal headsets allow.  It’s perfect for discreet or private conversations so you can quickly do your business or work on the fly.

orii featured

ORII is also splash proof and has an adjustable ring size

Yup, this smart ring is splash proof to prevent water damage when washing your hands.  It’s built perfect for every day carry and your every day life.  It also has an adjustable ring size so you wont ever have a finger that doesn’t fit.  One size fits all.

orii ring size orii splash proof


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