PIQO – World’s Most Powerful Pocket Projector

The PIQO Pocket Projector is one of the most powerful pocket projectors on the market.  For it’s size it really packs a punch when it comes to experience and practicality in daily life activities.

Most projectors we’ve seen have definitely not been ideal for taking around with you or installing in your bedroom.  PIQO changes that completely by making it extremely small, efficient and practical in your daily life.

Piqo Pocket Projector iPad iPhone

Piqo Pocket Projector

Portability is the most important factor in making the PIQO perfect

PIQO really fits in the palm of your hand, allowing it to fit in nifty places.  It’s great for trying to watch movies while laying down and starring directly at the ceiling.  This reduces neck pain and lets you watch in a comfortable position.

It’s also great for traveling because it could be a home cinema where ever you go.  This would be amazing during camping trips to keep the kids entertained or even if you wanted to have a romantic night under the stars.

Piqo Pocket Projector Ceiling Bed

Piqo Pocket Projector Uses

PIQO is a step above the competition in almost every way

It has fixed challenges that most pocket projectors have not fixed.  Connectivity is one of the biggest issues with other projectors, but not for PIQO.  PIQO has the capability of mirroring your phone, tablet and computer devices wirelessly.

It also has a neat HDMI and USB port so you can connect to it directly.  It has HD speakers and beautiful picture for watching high quality movies.  It’s menu interface is awesome as well as it’s controlled by a touch pad on the top of the device.

PIQO Pocket Projector Feature

PiQO Pocket Projector Functionality

What other options for pocket projectors do I have?

If you want most of the features, you’ll probably have trouble finding a reliable replacement.  We do have a cheap alternative for this, that is a good option, but does lack the ability to wirelessly mirror your phone or tablet.  You’ll likely need an adapter for that.

The RIF6 CUBE Full LED Mini Projector is not too shabby and it’s just as portable as the PIQO.  The reviews on amazon seem good so it’s definitely worth a look.

RIF6 Pocket Projector RIF6 Pocket Projector Bed Ceiling


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