PopSockets – Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets

PopSockets are the newest mobile device accessory that has quickly become a necessity for daily device users.  It’s the perfect addition to your phone that doesn’t get bulk, but also adds a new dynamic to safety and convenience for your device.

It sticks on easily to any phone or tablet and can be popped out or retracted to keep it slim when not in use.  Your fingers fit around these PopSockets easily and prevent you from accidentally dropping those large smart phones or tablets

popsockets tablet

Popsockets have many uses other than preventing you from dropping it

It can be used as a kickstand on table to keep it propped up.  Have you ever been sitting at your desk or at the dining table and wished you could watching something without holding it up yourself?  That feature is packed right into this device.

By popping out the PopSocket, the device is large enough to create a kickstand for your phone.  It also has the durability and strength to keep the phone up while your watching or browsing.
popsockets stand

It also attachments that you can purchase for it.  These attachments help you stick your device on your wall, your car, your computer, or pretty much anywhere.  One attachment fits all PopSockets making it a perfect gadget to be used across all your daily life activities
popsocket stick wall

Get double the fun when you attach multiple PopSockets to your device

The fun doesn’t stop with just one PopSocket.  Two PopSockets can give you more durability and uses for your phone or tablet.  Having two handles instead of one makes it even better for a tablet or a phone in landscape mode.

popsockets dual stand


popsockets dual




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